The Company

Secure Your Kidz is India’s first initiative towards protection and safety of young children. As per the recent media attention and National Crime Record Bureau of India, crime against children has risen to highest level during the past few years. Being easy and vulnerable targets, young children between the age group of 2 years to 11 years are the highest targeted age group by miscreants. These young children are then pushed into slavery, prostitution or other crimes. The major reason of kidnapping or abuse of these young children is the lack of their communication between them and their parents especially during certain emergency situations. To tackle this issue of communication, we at Secure Your Kidz have introduced safety devices for small children, which enables them to get connected with their parents at a touch of a button. These safety devices uses our proprietary software specialized and customized to be used with 56 various safety modules that has been introduced for the first time through hardware and software integration. These features help parents in protecting their children with seamless communication. We call these sophisticated and customized designed safety devices for young children as ‘AIRI Mobiles’.

 These mobile devices do not have internet, flashy cameras or downloads but are purely safety devices with amazingly sophisticated features such as easy to use, customized and attractive design for young children, one touch button communication, easy to setup through SMS or our own website, dedicated SOS button for emergency, firewall for rejection of unknown numbers, 24X7 monitoring services through a simple SMS, restrict in schools and many more.

To know more about us feel free to contact us through our Help Desk +91 9988112993 or by emailing us at We are also available on facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram and linkedin.