Who Can Use

Who can use our products ?

As our products are easy to use and specially designed keeping in mind to be used by the age group of 4 – 11 years, some of the usage of the product are as under :

  • Young Children : Children between 4 – 11 years can easily use their own phones without the access of internet or downloads. Internet exposes them to various vulnerable threats and with AIRI Mobiles you can easily dispose many of these. With customized and child friendly designed, children loved AIRI Mobiles as a toy and personalized mobile phone.
  • Women : Smartphones has smart problems too. Every now and then the battery of smartphones are drained out due to extensive use by 3G or various high-resolution apps and games. Many parents use AIRI Mobiles as their ‘Just in Case’ devices whereby the battery last longer than 5 days. We have been able to convince many women to keep one of our devices as secondary devices which are so small that they just fit into any of the pockets in their purses for ‘Just in Case’ situations.
  • Elders : With old age remembering numbers is always a challenge and with blurred vision its more difficult to find numbers too. AIRI Mobiles provide our elders easy to use 4 dedicated numbers without remembering any of them. One touch of a button and you can constantly in touch with your family for any of your requirements. Above all, many working children keep a check on their parents health through our in-built monitoring app developed by our organization.
  • Special Need Children – AIRI Mobiles through its easy to use design and monitoring facilities, geo-fencing programs and dedicated button for SOS have been preffered by many NGO’s. These provide two way communication from special children who can simply press the button incase of distress and alternatively NGO’s can easily monitor them 24X7 without even disturbing the child too.
  • Maids & Helpers – There are many cases whereby the maids handling the children are busy talking on the phones while children are in distress or near to danger. The maids are not responsible for the safety of your children they are just the care takers. If something happens, they simply resign and move ahead but for you and your children its just cannot happen. So safeguard the interest and keep a constant check on maids and helpers, AIRI mobiles are designed to provide firewall and monitoring facilities. Now the maids can receive and call only those numbers fed in the mobile phone while monitoring facilities help in identifying whom they are conversing with and what. 
  • Working Parents – The biggest challenge that the working parents face is how they can monitor their loved ones when they are at home. With growing population of working parents and concerns about safety for their children there is always an urge to get connected with their children 24X7. With AIRI Mobiles, monitor your child 24X7 is possible at just a cost of simple SMS. More over if you call upon AIRI Mobile and your child does not pick up the phone, our sophisticated device call you back immediately. In this way you can listen to the conversation of your children and feel safe about it.