Technical Support

AIRI Mobiles are India's first and foremost kids mobile cum safety device. The device itself undergoes intensive hardware and software tests in our testing centres to ensure that no problems or issues are faced by our customers under any circumstances. All our devices operate on our customized software with robust technology developed to provide only one thing between parents and children and that one thing is seamless connectivity. India is a vast land and hence the issues with Internet either 2G, 3G or even 4G pervails for sure and that was one reason all our devices are operated through basic and simple requirements of the cell phone. Though some of the features requires basic internet facilities but we have designed each and every aspect of AIRI mobiles on the principle of K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple and Straight). 

Support for Setting up AIRI Mobiles  
a. Setup Guide - Our Setup Guide provides a detailed Step by Step procedure for setting up AIRI Mobiles through Simple SMS or through our Website. The Setup Guide is available in PDF Format or GIF Format which can easily downloaded through request on our email or whatsapp at Help Desk. 

b. Product Manual - All our mobile phones comes with a detailed handy product manual. With simplified procedural details on product features, how to use AIRI mobiles and step by step guide to feed numbers, messages, switch on / off special security features etc. Product Manuals are generally available in packaged boxes but still incase you require the same, please do email or message us at our helpdesk. 

c. Features Handbook - Is a detailed graphical explanation of various features of AIRI mobiles. It highlights each and every aspect of generic and specialised safety features for our product. They are generally available through a request by email or message on our helpdesk. But a video formats are updated our You Tube Channels for a quick accessibility. 

d. What's in the Box - AIRI mobiles are sophisticated gadgets that are used for not only communicating but also monitoring the children 24X7. All our boxes ordered online, offline or through our exports partnership contains : 
- AIRI Mobile 
- Lithium Ion Battery 

- Micro USB Charger 
- Micro USB Cable 
- Product Manual 

General Repairs & Technical Help 
Though each and every AIRI mobile has been throughly tested before we deliver the product to our customers. But for any kind of repairs or technical help, please feel free to contact us at our Help Desk as under : 

HELPDESK (M-F 10AM - 6PM)  : +91 9988112993 |