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How AIRI Mobiles are different from other mobiles ?

  • Dedicated Age GroupAimed at kids aged 4 to 12 who might not be able to handle a smartphone but who still want to be able to call their mum or dad in an emergency or just stay in touch but also help parents give their kids the freedom they need to explore, discover and just be kids.
  • FirewallYou can block unwanted calls, set time limits for phone usage, prevent access to web sites, set school-accepted usage limits. There’s no Internet, ring tone downloads, games, camera or text messaging, which parents might consider that a bonus, because its purely a safety tool. 
  • SOS Button - These mobiles allow only pre programmed numbers to be called and an emergency 'SOS' feature which calls and send messages to 4 pre set numbers in a loop unless one of them picks up.
  • I HEAR U (Patented Technology)The device also offers a way to listen to their kids by calling discretely and monitoring conversations without your kid knowing. This works like the traditional monitor systems used in and around the home. This Feature is an additional advantage if the child is with a Nanny or any Caretaker.

These Cell phones are lightweight and come in appealing 'kid friendly' designs, which are robust and strong. Kids are not very good at handling and we have kept these in mind.