AIRI S501, Blue

Secure Your Kidz

Rs. 5,500.00

AIRI kids mobile cum safety device  (S501, Blue) is easy to use, kids friendly safety devices that has become extremely essential to secure our kids in this ever changing world. With unique features AIRI Mobiles present a perfect solution to all parents who has a fear in their mind about their child’s safety. 

Some of the features for AIRI are as below :

Attractive Design : All our AIRI kids mobile cum safety device has been designed specifically for children aged between 4 years to 12 years with visually appealing to the children as a cool gadget. 

Easy to Use - As all our AIRI's are designed for the young users hence special notice has been provided to enable fast dialing without even remembering the numbers. A child just needs to push a button to instantly get in touch with pre-fed 4 numbers for their Mom, Dad, Grandparents or any other relatives or friends. 

Secret Listening Device : With our robust technology called ‘I HEAR U’ you can monitor your children 24X7 from anywhere with a simple SMS without even the child knowing about it. This feature is an extremely essential feature if the child remains in the custody of maids and helpers.

No Calls from Strangers : AIRI’s automatically reject unwanted calls and messages from the numbers that are not saved on child’s phone. Enabling this features protects our children from any unwanted calls from insurance companies, mobile companies etc.

24x7 SOS Emergency Help : Incase of any kind of emergency, the child just needs to press a dedicated SOS button and our little smart phone automatically calls and message the 4 pre-fed numbers in a loop until one of the answers.

No Answer Call Back Mode : Parents will automatically receive a call back from the child’s phone incase the child donot pick up his phone and enables the monitoring function automatically. This is an extremely essential feature whereby the child is off to a party or friend’s place and you need to make sure that your child is safe.

Location by Simple SMS : You can check out the location of your children by sending a simple SMS or by logging to our website and the phone will send you the location of the child by message.

Low Battery Notification : AIRI mobile will automatically send parent’s phone a message that your child’s phone needs charging. This is an essential notification so that you are seamlessly connected with your children 24X7.

Anti theft Mode : Parents’ will automatically receive a message if anyone tries to change the SIm card on AIRI mobile. This makes sure that your phone will always be with you no matter what.

Limit Your Call Duration : If your maids, helpers are on phone 24 hours, you can simply limit the use of maximum time of the call.

I HEAR U – In-House developed robust technology to provide 24X7 monitoring facilities for smart and non-smart phones.

Many other awesome features such as Remote Start Monitoring, Auto Lock Screen, Remote Shut Down, Lock & Unlock AIRI, Automtic Shut Off, Speaker Mode Enable, Remote Monitoring, Restore to Default, Dial Control, School Shut Off, Music through SD Card, Travelling with AIRI, Create Your own Phonebook, Sleep & Wake AIRI, Personalizing AIRI, Set Guardian Numbers, Setting School Timetable, Multiple Alarm Settings, Creating Your Messages, Logging to Your AIRI and many more awaits you on buying India’s first kids mobile cum safety device.

To get our complete features booklet in PDF or JPG, please do send us a message at our Help Desk number at +91 9988112993 or email us at 




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