Remote Monitoring by Secure Your Kidz 'AIRI Mobile'

  1. I now know that AIRI mobile comes with amazing features. The little smartphone is even smarter than the other brands as it also provides amazing safety features such as monitoring, firewall, password protection, SOS emergency calling, I hear U technology, among others. But I am very curious to know if I can also activate the feature of monitoring incase there is some kind of issue on my cell phone 's messaging service ?


  1. Yes, this was one issue that we faced while developing the technology for AIRI. Sometimes, though in modern India its next to impossible due to high upgradation of technology by network operators but still there should be one more way to monitor the child. Hence, we developed the same through our website. Just simply login to our website and choose which parent's phone number you wish to monitor from and expect the little smartphone to do the rest the same.


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