Log In To Your Device by Secure Your Kidz 'AIRI Mobile'

  1. My issue is that in today's world there are 100's of usernames and passwords to remember. And AIRI, I know run with another username or password. Is there a way I keep username and password as per my choice ?


  1. Ofcourse, AIRI is especially designed for young kids keeping in mind ease to use and operate. Also, along with Children, we have always keep hectic schedules of being a parent on back of our mind. And that is the reason, AIRI can easily be operated through SMS or by attaching it to the computer or simply through our website. To logon to our website, AIRI's self generated username or password both can be changed. Just login to our website and edit the same by a simple click of the mouse and change to something more remember able like your child's name or your anniversary date.


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