Travelling with Secure Your Kidz 'AIRI Mobile'

Q. Me and my husband travels across countries and sometimes along with my kids. Do you think AIRI will work if I carry it for my child's safety. And also how will it set all my travelling schedules ?

A. Yes, AIRI is driven by our robust technology developed especially for the most advance GSM technology. Hence, it runs on normal sim card and works with all GSM networks whether in India or abroad. We have been exporting AIRI to Europe, South Asia, Middle East and have also tested AIRI with some of the most common network operators in the USA.  Travelling with AIRI is simple, just change the SIM you want and the rest remains the same. Incase you have set multiple alarms systems through our website you can either manually change the same or even changing the time zone will automatically change the entire timelines. Now, that's why we call AIRI 'a little smartphone'. 

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