Auto Lock Feature by Secure Your Kidz 'AIRI Mobile'

  1. I have a very peculiar problem. Just to save battery my child calls me up from parties or any other destination and then shuts down the phone. Though I have intervened a lot on this issue but a young child donot follow my instructions except for some. Is there any solution to my problem ?


  1. This has been a issue with many parents we interact everyday. Normally what the child do is that she / he will call you saying that they have reached at a particular destination and then either by press of the button or deliberately switch off the phone. When we interviewed children in this regard they says that they have seen their parents charging the phone again and again during the day and what will happen if they wish to call their parents and the phone doesnot have charging. Well, AIRI has long lasting battery life. It runs for atleast 4-5 days without charging. So to avoid this situation, we have input a Parent's Password which can be easily fed from our website or directly in the phone which will stop the child from switching off the mobile. This ensures that child can use all functions of the phone but cannot switch off the phone unless the password is fed in the mobile. Now that's why we call AIRI - a little smart phone.


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