Create Your Own SMS by Secure Your Kidz 'AIRI Mobile'

  1. I have young children who has been using my phone for getting in touch with me. The issue is that it takes a lot of time for them to understand how to type on these sophisticated smartphones. I just need them to send me a simple sms that they have reached or they are on their way. Can I also create pre-set phrases to be send to me on AIRI too ?


  1. Yes, its easy. Once you have created your phonebook and added all relevant numbers, sending them sms is just a touch away. You can create all your messages / sms phrases like 'on my way' or 'at school' or 'reached' etc. on our website once and all those are synced to AIRI mobile when it connects over the internet. That’s it, now whenever your child wish to send you a sms he can browse to your name and send you the relevant message that you wish to know your child have reached there safely. Now that's why we call AIRI - a little smartphone.


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