Create Your Own Phone Book by Secure Your Kidz 'AIRI Mobile'

Q. My phone and my husband's phone both are synced with our iCloud accounts. The issue is that I have given another phone that is synced with our icloud to my child. Now all our contacts have been merged and sometimes my friends are also calling my child's phone or alternatively my child does that too. Is there any way that I can create a new phone book with only those calls could call my child or vice-versa ?

 A. Yes, AIRI mobile uses a sophisticated technology that uses Firewall. This technology enables only those numbers for receiving or calling or even messaging which are fed in the phone. This technology ensures that child remains in touch with only those people who are there in the contact list. So, once you have created a list of people whom you feel is safe that your child can call or receive calls from, be ensure that no other numbers can call out of that list. To create a list of people just simply login to our website and create the phone book or alternatively just message your child's phone in format defined in our manual and that’s it you are ready to go. That's why we call 'AIRI' a little smartphone.


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