Dial Control from Secure Your Kidz 'AIRI Mobile'

  1. I am mother of 2 kids and have given my phone to my maid so that she can connect with me whenever she wants. Most of the time I have seen or even heard from my children that our maid is using the phone un-necessary and half of the time the phone is engaged as well. I want a solution that can fix her calling period to seconds / minutes and it automatically gets disconnected. Is there such as solution ?


  1. Yes, with AIRI mobile you can easily fix this. This is what we call 'Dial Control' feature. Just because of the similar feedback we have received from number of parents, our technical team has embedded this feature. Once activated, the feature automatically limits the call duration to seconds / minutes enabling the user to monitor usage of the phone. This is helpful in many circumstances especially when you have handed the phone to your maids, helpers or even if you have unlimited or postpaid plans for your mobiles. Now, that's why we call 'AIRI' a little smart phone.


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