Multiple Alarm System by Secure Your Kidz 'AIRI Mobile'

  1. My child has various schedules during the day. He has to wake up, get ready, goto school at right time, come back, there is homework time, rest time, evening classes, hobby classes and much much more. I want him to cope up with everything and wish to have a multiple alarm system which can enable his natural clock too. Is there something that I can do with AIRI too ?


  1. Absolutely, infact when we were designing AIRI operating system this was one of the major points of consideration. Due to hectic schedule of children they are totally depending upon various people to get going through the day. There multiple classes and various activities can easily be fed in our mobile under multiple alarm systems and off AIRI goes and wake up the child to do the next chore. And the best part is it could easily be setup through our website or through the parent's phone too. Now that's why we call AIRI - a little smartphone.


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