Set School's Timetable by Secure Your Kidz 'AIRI Mobile'

Q. The biggest issue I face when I have given my iPhone to my child is that first it is not allowed in the schools and secondly even if I put the phone in my child's bag how can I control when it should be on or off or even ring or not ring. This phone is given to child for connectivity and security and even if doesnot solve the issue what is the use of the same. Is there a solution to such an issue ?

A. iPhone or Samsung's smartphone are developed especially to cover the requirements of adults and that too in masses. Our little Smart Phone 'AIRI' has has been developed only for one purpose and that is to provide security to the young child. Hence, this has been major development point as the schools these days are not safe which it used to be in our days.  On AIRI you can easily feed the timetable of the entire schools according to the dates and days if you wish and our little smartphone automatically shuts down and switch on in accordance. So you don't have to worry about phone ringing in school and even then you can also monitor the child. This could be easily setup through our website. Now, that's why we call 'AIRI' a little smartphone. 

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