Set your Guardian Numbers by Secure Your Kidz 'AIRI Mobile'

Q. I wish to control who can access my child's phone. Even if I give them my iPhone and put across the password to the same, our small children donot know whom to give access to their phone or not. Is there a way I can given them a phone but also keep access to me or maximum by my husband or father ?

 A. Yes, with AIRI Mobile you can easily set this up. These numbers are called Guardian Numbers. You can feed upto 2 numbers easily either through a simple message or through accessing the phone through your laptop or simply by login to our website. You can set these two numbers as yours or your husband number and easily access the phone by message or website. These two numbers can send them messages, call them, monitor them and even remotely control the child's phone. And all of this just at a simple press of a button. Now that's why we call 'AIRI Mobile' - a Little Smart Phone.


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