Remote Shutdown by Secure Your Kidz 'AIRI Mobiles'

#secureyourkidz Q. Most of the time especially during the sleeping, studying or even playing of the child my iPhone or Samsung mobile remains switched on and generally if there is someone who calls or send messages to the mobile it creates a vibration or sound disturbing the child. Is there any way I can simply shutdown the phone when its not required ?

A. Yes, with AIRI mobile its simple. Whenever you feel there is no need of AIRI to be used and your child is safe and tugged in bed to sleep or on his desk for studying you can simply shutdown the child's phone by a simple sms. Once activated the feature enables the parents phone to be used as remote control for the child's phone. So incase you are living in villas, apartments forget about climbing up and down to find the phone to switch it off, just simply message the child's phone and it automatically gets switched off. Now that's why we call it a little smart phone.

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