No Answer Mode by Secure Your Kidz 'AIRI Mobiles'

#secureyourkidz Q. Most of the time specially when children are away to parties or any social events, they donot pick up their phone due to noise or music and we as parents get panicked about the situation. My iPhone or Samsung cannot call me back in case of no answer by children, is there a solution to such a problem ?

A. We constantly live in a dangerous place and for children its even more dangerous. We had this concern while developing the technology for our little smart phone. That is why we incorporated feature of 'No Answer, Call Back mode'. This enables the child's phone to automatically calls you back if there is a missed call on the phone. So once enabled on our website, whenever the child's phone will receive a call from parent's phone and they donot pick up or doesnot respond to the call, the child's phone will automatically calls back the parent's phone without even dialling or pressing the button. And on the other hand, a brief sound of your child being safe satisfy the urges of the parents. Now, that's why we call AIRI a little smart phone.

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