Anti Theft Mode by our Little Smart Phone 'AIRI'

  1. Most of the time I have heard that people who take away the child's phone immediately change the sim card so that they are untraceable. Though apps like Find my iPhone and Android Trackers are helpful but a notification to the person and me will be helpful. Is there a system that we can also use here ?


  1. Yes, apps like Find my iPhone and Android Trackers are very useful apps especially when someone tries to flee away with your phone. Similarly AIRI Mobiles also comes with sophisticated but simple anti-theft system. Once activated through our website, anytime anyone will change the sim card of the child's phone, it immediately and automatically sends you the message that your child's phone has been grabbed. Also it keeps on sending messages to the person who grabbed the child's phone. Incase they do register their device online, you can even see the nearest location of your child's phone from our website using LBS technology.